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How to Fix QNAP Security and Performance Issues

QNAP is a very ok NAS (see for details about what’s QNAP and NAS in case if you’re not familiar with the terms). I can’t call it excellent because of the many issues I’m having with it, but I can’t call it bad either, because once the issues are…

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How to Fix MacOS Big Sur 4K Display Resolution Problem

Big Sur is all awesome with nice bells and whistles, but it completely screwed my two external 4K displays. Quick search revealed that I’m not alone, lots of people experience lots of different problems. Here is how I fixed some of them:

The 4K native resolution is no longer available

Back in…

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Fixing MacBook Pro BootCamp Black Screen of Death

So one day I’ve power on Windows on a BootCamp-enabled Windows 7 MBP Retina and after booting and making bunch of happy sounds the display went blank. No matter how many times I rebooted it the display kept looking dead. The computer was obviously running. It’s easy to check by…

Silence Noisy Speaker
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How to silence a piezo buzzer in your microwave, alarm clock etc

Almost every time I buy a piece of electronics with some sort of alarm it always includes a super loud and mega annoying buzzer notifying about the end of cycle. Though tuning it off completely is an easy operation (just open the case and cut the wire) making it just…

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FPV Japan / BEVRC Cable pinout

If you don’t hear about it FPV Japan is a small device that records standard definition video from analog sources. This is an indispensable device for FPV RC pilots and the ones who want to digitize old analog video tapes. I fall into both categories, but unfortunately the video cable…

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How to find out the SRAM consumption of an Arduino sketch

Build the sketch
Find /tmp/build*.tmp folder. There should be one, if you see multiple then rm -rf /tmp/build*.tmp and rebuild the sketch. Only one build folder should be in the /tmp (for simplicity
run avr-size /tmp/build*.tmp/[sketch_name].elf
sum of data and bss values if the number you’re looking for

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Controlling RGB LED using PICAXE-08: Basics of software PWM

I’m working on a new RTFMs episode that involves packing an RGB LED and a microcontroller into a very tight space. The microcontroller I decided to use is PICAXE-08. I chose it for three reasons:
– I had one in the box
– I had no other plans for it as it…

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Reading ATtiny85/45/25 Internal Temperature Sensor

I am working on one of my projects from RTFMs video blog (check out that requires temperature sensing in a very small packaging. Naturally my choice is ATtiny85 – an awesome little chip from AVR that besides other goods (like 6ch PWM, serial interface etc) has internal temperature…

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Choosing best high-end HT (amateur radio handheld transceiver)

Here is some information for those looking for a high-end HT. My requirements are:

At least dual-band (tri,quad-band is a plus), including 144 and 440 bands at minimum

Good wideband receiver

All-mode receiver

Convenient control

Weather proof

Ruggedly built

Having a lot of features, leaving a lot of space for experimentation

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Fixing Wireshark’s “TCP checksum offload” error in linux

On some linux machines when you run wireshark you may notice that a lot of packets are marked as invalid (highlighted as black). The contents looks perfectly correct, but for some reason checksum is brkoen and wireshark suggestes that the reason for such unpleasant event is “TCP checksum offload”. Let’s…

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Fix: Error: register r24, r26, r28 or r30 required

I was recently compiling some Arduino code with NewSoftSerial and got hit by infamous “Error: register r24, r26, r28 or r30 required” error. NewSoftSerial is a great library and those using older avr-gcc compiler enjoy it alot. Problem is the newer gcc doesn’t like one nasty error in the code…