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Using 360-degree Photos and Videos in WordPress

I was struggling with finding a way to easily embed 360-degree view from Insta One X for quite some time. There are a few existing WordPress plugins that allow doing that, but none of them worked for me. Some were not free (Flat 360 Panoramic Image Viewer, 360 VR Gallery…

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How to use large / multiline text as a field in mongodb

I’m working on a project that requires storing large multiline chunks of text in MongoDB. The chunks should be inserted in the database during initial database population, so I need to enter them somewhere in db population script. Unfortunately you can’t just put something like this: db.tests.insert( { name: ‘test’,…

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Don’t use valgrind on MacOS!

Subj, It’s buggy and misleading. You will do better by installing Oracle Virtualbox (free) with Linux (free) and running valgrind (free) in the virtual machine.

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MineStream Defender – the ultimate network security device

Last 12 months I was working on an interesting device that provides the network security features many companies and families are dreaming about. You probably already have heard about different threats out there like internet predators, viruses, spyware, dangerous websites, confidential information leaking from your business and others. Also you…

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Simple free online IP conversion tool

For debugging purposes I frequently need to quickly convert ip addresses from one representation to another. Here is quick and dirty (I’ll cleanup the interface when get some free time) converter that does the job. If you don’t see the form below because of some reason please proceed to this…