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How to Fix MacOS Big Sur 4K Display Resolution Problem

Big Sur is all awesome with nice bells and whistles, but it completely screwed my two external 4K displays. Quick search revealed that I’m not alone, lots of people experience lots of different problems. Here is how I fixed some of them: The 4K native resolution is no longer available…

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How to Buy an Inexpensive Safe and Versatile Mattress in 2021

What?! Safe Mattress?! Is non-safe mattress really a thing? Well, apparently so, below I’ll list a few dangers of mattresses you can buy these days. And no, this is not one of those articles explaining why you need to buy a $2000 mattress made by brand XYZ instead of a…

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How to buy Elegoo Saturn and Other High-Demand Items on Amazon

TL;DR Here is how you buy Elegoo Saturn from Amazon:0. Empty your amazon cart, make sure the payment method is configured correctly, i.e. make sure you’re ready to checkout immediately.1. Keep refreshing this page: every 15 minutes until you see the list of sellers on that page 2. Once…

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Using 360-degree Photos and Videos in WordPress

I was struggling with finding a way to easily embed 360-degree view from Insta One X for quite some time. There are a few existing WordPress plugins that allow doing that, but none of them worked for me. Some were not free (Flat 360 Panoramic Image Viewer, 360 VR Gallery…

Support Preserving Wildlife on Earth
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WWF Fundraiser Video

Many years ago in another life I created a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Foundation. The fundraiser is gone, the platform I used for the fundraiser (my employer at the time) is gone but since the WWF is still here and fighting, let me share the video I created for…

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How to Get Free Domain Wildcard Certificates

In one of the previous posts I wrote about getting free certificates for the website using Let’s Encrypt and Certbot. Hope that article was helpful and helped you to save some money on SSL, but one topic remained not covered in that post. What if you’re a lucky owner of…

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Be the Boss of Your Passwords (using Bitwarden Self-hosting)

Bitwarden is a unique solution for your password needs (whether you are a person caring about security or an organization caring about the same). Unlike competition, it’s opensource and could be self-hosted. Unfortunately it’s setup is not very compatible with servers having its own Let’s encrypt certificates or running other web server. This post describes how to install Bitwarden behind nginx reverse proxy using your own Let’s Encrypt + Certbot.

Stop Paying for SSL Certificates! [Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash]
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Stop Paying for SSL Certificates!

If you’re running a website and want to protect your site’s visitors with HTTPS then you may enjoy this detailed explanation of how to use Let’s encrypt and Certbot to stop paying for SSL certificates.

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3 Simple Ways to Spot Fake Product Reviews on

TL;DR Internet is full of “fake reviews”. In order to spot them look at the review dates clustering, reviewers profiles and reviews relevancy to the specific product. Always Analyze the Reviews Just like many of us, I rely a lot on the product reviews while deciding what to buy. What…

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Fixing Google AdSense-WordPress Integration problems

As you may have noticed, this site is heavily relying on GoogleAds and setting up the ads was a bit challenging task. Everything was a lot simpler years ago, but now the ads require adding the GDPR disclaimer, ads.txt, ideally linking various google systems and so on. Anyway, just wanted…

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How to Upload Huge Images to WordPress

Well, this actually applies not just to WordPress but to most PHP applications, it’s just that with WordPress market share close to 60% this is the platform where you most frequently see the problem to manifest. It looks like this: Maximum upload file size: 2M The problem is not really…