FPV Japan / BEVRC Cable pinout

If you don’t hear about it FPV Japan is a small device that records standard definition video from analog sources. This is an indispensable device for FPV RC pilots and the ones who want to digitize old analog video tapes. I fall into both categories, but unfortunately the video cable from my device got burned in an accidental fire that also cause my video blog RTFMS to halt for a really long time. Long sad story …

Anyways, I was repairing the cable recently and decided to pinout it since there seems to be no information in the internet about this very custom cable. So in case if you want to build your own cable here is how it is interconnected:

FPV Japan Video Cable Pinout
FPV Japan Video Cable Pinout
The cable uses 4-pin mini (2.5mm) audio plug. I hope this picture is readable and understandable. The rings marked as Video and Audio correspond to the center contact of the Yellow and White RCA connectors. The out contact of these connectors is obviously Ground. The power connector on the cable seems to be a pass-through for the input power.
I’ve bought a similar cable for a different type of device, but it was wired totally differently. I think you can rewire virtually any cable to match this schema.
BTW, my recorder is not actually FPV Japan, but BEVRC – a good clone of FPV Japan, but $50 cheaper at the time when I purchased it. Overall I can highly recommend both devices to those in need to digitize analog video.

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