How to silence a piezo buzzer in your microwave, alarm clock etc

Silence Noisy Speaker

Almost every time I buy a piece of electronics with some sort of alarm it always includes a super loud and mega annoying buzzer notifying about the end of cycle. Though tuning it off completely is an easy operation (just open the case and cut the wire) making it just not as loud is a more complicated task involving knowledge of electronics and some soldering skills. Fortunately there is a much simpler way to accomplish the task, sometimes not even requiring the device disassembly …

Let me start first with mentioning that putting layers of tape over the buzzer hole won’t work. It will weaken the sound just a little bit, but by far not that much as you probably need. The right way is to apply some … chewing gum. Yeap, ordinary chewing gum will solve the problem in quite unorthodox way.

First of all you need to chew it (it’s chewing gum, you know, it is supposed to be chewed). Keep chewing it until it will loose almost all of its taste. I’m taking primarily about the sugary component of the taste. If you don’t like chewing (I don’t for instance) just keep washing it in tap water until it will loose color and powdery coat. Then it will become really sticky. Now you need to knead it into a thread thin enough to push through the buzzer opening hole. Keep pushing it until entire space between the buzzer piezoelement and casing is filled. I.e. until you’re not able to push any more gum inside. The buzzer will get much quieter now, while still remaining a bit too loud. You need to give the gum a day or two to cure completely and then the buzz will become much more acceptable for human ears.

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