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Aug 4, 2011 How to find out the SRAM consumption of an Arduino sketch

  • Build the sketch
  • Find /tmp/build*.tmp folder. There should be one, if you see multiple then rm -rf /tmp/build*.tmp and rebuild the sketch. Only one build folder should be in the /tmp (for simplicity
  • run avr-size /tmp/build*.tmp/[sketch_name].elf
  • sum of data and bss values if the number you’re looking for

Jun 20, 2011 Reading ATtiny85/45/25 Internal Temperature Sensor

ATtiny85 has internal temperature sensor

ATtiny85 has internal temperature sensor

I am working on one of my projects from RTFMs video blog (check out that requires temperature sensing in a very small packaging. Naturally my choice is ATtiny85 – an awesome little chip from AVR that besides other goods (like 6ch PWM, serial interface etc) has internal temperature sensor. So I decided to use one. That wasn’t easy, but after a few hours of digging forums and datasheets I came up with a class that does the job with quite impressive reliability and precision.

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Jun 19, 2010 Fix: Error: register r24, r26, r28 or r30 required

I was recently compiling some Arduino code with NewSoftSerial and got hit by infamous “Error: register r24, r26, r28 or r30 required” error. NewSoftSerial is a great library and those using older avr-gcc compiler enjoy it alot. Problem is the newer gcc doesn’t like one nasty error in the code and here is how to fix it …

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May 5, 2009 How to control Pleo with Wii Nunchuck

New interesting DIY on my other site: how to control Pleo with Wii Nunchuck.

Feb 18, 2009 Robotics part of this website had been moved! - new website about roboticsLooking for routerbots and other robotics stuff? It’s not here anymore. I created a new web space 100% dedicated to robotics called It’s better, cleaner, englisher and it’s for everyone. If you have your robotics project and looking for a please to publish it please contact me and get your personal project page on Also new website is not only about DIY Projects, but also contains news, robopedia, catalog of robots and more robotics stuff. New information is being added almost every day.

Oct 23, 2008 How to add serial interface to WRT54GL router

If you decided to mod your wrt54gl router and turn it into one of the most capable routers for soho network, probably the first mod you should start with is adding serial interface to it. Why? Because when you do the other mods (like adding SD reader, turning into robot, adding leds etc) you definitely send the router into the brick state. And the best way to unbrick it is to look at the router’s console output. The entire operation is very easy and should not take longer then 1 hour. Here is how to do this:

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Oct 9, 2008 How to control Pleo wirelessly via bluetooth

Bluetooth Pleo HeadPleo is a wonderful dinosaur, way more charming then roboraptor and other sapiences. It is the most advanced toy robot currently available on the market in the < $700 price range (Pleo price is around $330 shipped). It has a huge potential which is limited by the fact it is completely standalone. I tried to fix this by adding bluetooth interface to it. This mod allows issuing commands to Pleo from virtually any bluetooth-enabled device, including many cell phones, communicators and generic computers. It also allows retrieving information from Pleo on-the-fly, like sounds it hears, pictures it sees etc. Before you continue reading this post please acknowledge that this mod is not approved by Ugobe and most probably will void the warranty. Also there is always a chance that something will go wrong and you might damage your robopet. If you're going to implement this mod you are the only one responsible for damaging this very expensive toy. I'm providing the information below only as a personal experience for educational purposes. And here is how to make it:

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Oct 6, 2008 New video: wireless Pleo (this time via bluetooth)

I’ve uploaded the new video about getting your very own wireless dinosaur. It shows how you can control Pleo from almost any bluetooth-enabled device, including cellphones, smartphones, communicators, PCs etc. All you need is bluetooth and a terminal program.
I’m going to publish more details about how to make Pleo wireless later next week. Nothing complicated :)

Sep 23, 2008 How did I brick Pleo and returned it back to life.

You’ve probably heard about Pleo – the greenest and coolest dinosaur available on today’s market. My daughter got one for her birthday recently from her loving parents. She enjoyed it for a few days and then just got bored because it was the same moo, mrrr and urf and not much walking at all. Well, two more days of interest were raised with additional downloadable personalities, but that was it.
I tweaked the dino into something more interesting and made it wireless, so you can issue commands to it remotely (via bluetooth). Ok, one more day of fun. Then I wrote something a bit more usable then Dinomite and other tools available from Ugobe website. The development was going well until one day Pleo didn’t wake up …

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Apr 6, 2008 1000th viewer of routerbot video (routerbot is a domestic router turned into a robot)

Routerbot - a router (Linksys WRT54GL) turned into a sophisticated robot.I just noticed that my video about domestic router turned into robot got its 1000th viewer. This is my very first youtube video and I’m very proud of that.

If you’re thinking about what to do this weekend, building a robot for your kids could be a good idea. This is not very difficult and the result is really amazzzzing. You will get a robot that can be teleoperated via WiFi (i.e. you can control it from almost anywhere in the world) or programmed using shell script for the price way less then an average robot you can get in a hobby store.

More details about the projects are here:

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