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Andrey Mikhalchuk’s Web Projects
StreamView – interactive network mapping tool
Problems downloading drivers from
The most hacked router in the world ever
The most hacked router in the world ever. Overclock CPU.
The most hacked router in the world ever. Expose the serial interfaces.
The most hacked router in the world ever. Power Over Ethernet (“POE”)
360 View WordPress Plugin
Best Free 360-degree Panorama Plugins for WordPress
Halloween 2023: Haunted Forest
Pale Blue Dot NASA Challenge

10/21/23 Code & Coffee @Viget
How to Run (go)Harbor Docker Registry with Notary Behind Nginx Reverse Proxy
How to Use Cloudflare As DDNS Service
How to Push Your Code to GitHub Using Personal Access Token (PAT)
How to Run Gitlab Docker Container on Alternative Port (And Fix SSH Clone)
How to Actually Backup Google Drive’s .gdoc, .gsheet and .gslides Files
New List of the Best Free 360-degree Panorama Plugins for WordPress
I Just Released 360 View v1.1.0
How to Fix QNAP Security and Performance Issues
How to Fix MacOS Big Sur 4K Display Resolution Problem
How to Buy an Inexpensive Safe and Versatile Mattress in 2021
How to buy Elegoo Saturn and Other High-Demand Items on Amazon
Using 360-degree Photos and Videos in WordPress
WWF Fundraiser Video
How to Get Free Domain Wildcard Certificates
Be the Boss of Your Passwords (using Bitwarden Self-hosting)
Stop Paying for SSL Certificates!
3 Simple Ways to Spot Fake Product Reviews on
Fixing Google AdSense-Wordpress Integration problems
How to Upload Huge Images to WordPress
Fixing NextGen Gallery Problem with Absolute Paths
How to quickly check if an internet store is a scam
Fixing MacBook Pro BootCamp Black Screen of Death
How to migrate ownCloud 6 from sqlite to MySQL
Attaching >2Tb disks to Linux
Tips and tricks for your Riviera Maya trip (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum etc)
How to silence a piezo buzzer in your microwave, alarm clock etc
Fixing Sony Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Headset Blue Light of Death
How to make browser offline cache retrieve new version of the page when browser is online, but keep using cache when it is offline
AWS EC2 ssh not responding in RHEL 6.4 AMI
How to use large / multiline text as a field in mongodb
rPlay rocks!
Fixing Verizon FiOS DNS Problems
ActionView::Template::Error (active_admin.css isn’t precompiled)
Apple’s review fraud prevention system is as useless as Amazon’s :(
Fraudulent promotion techniques on Amazon are getting smarter
Oracle Policy Automation Modeler Debugger 10.4.3 is not working with Internet Explorer 10
Enabling HTTPS in JBoss EAP 5, Using Self-Signed Certificate
FPV Japan / BEVRC Cable pinout
Using Jive Managed Snippets Plugin
Default login and password for JBoss EAP 5.1.2
make: /opt/local/bin/ginstall: No such file or directory
Installing Oracle XE 11g on OpenSuSE 12.2 and similar
How to call Oracle Policy Automation via SOAP/WSDL
How to Map Ports in Windows
Don’t use valgrind on MacOS!
Configuring Oracle Policy Automation Determinations Server runtime pluggability as an alternative to Oracle Business Rules
GIT: ! [remote rejected] master -> master (n/a (unpacker error))
Why on earth make invokes cc instead of gcc!?!
Uploading OPA rulesets to Determinations Server
Default passwords for Oracle weblogic keystores
Fixing Oracle SOA suite email drive pop3 problem: “PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”
Moving Oracle BAM reports between environments
Surprised why X11 forwarding no longer works with MacOS. Here is the solution.
Verizon blocks port 25. Wow!
Clicktale injects Amazon ads on websites?!
GMail Spam Filter: Why it’s Evil and How to Disable It
Using for product ratings? Read this!
Netbeans doesn’t stop on breakpoints while debugging a RoR (Ruby on Rail) app
How to find out the SRAM consumption of an Arduino sketch
Controlling RGB LED using PICAXE-08: Basics of software PWM
Reading ATtiny85/45/25 Internal Temperature Sensor
Juliana and Doyle Brothers Totally Rock!
Choosing best high-end HT (amateur radio handheld transceiver)
Gmail Super-Glitch
How to submit your youtube videos to blinkx
Teal’c Rebranded
Rails: what happens when memcached goes down
Ruby on Rails: how to override default_scope – a better approach
Fixing Wireshark’s “TCP checksum offload” error in linux
Fix: Error: register r24, r26, r28 or r30 required
How to Do Excellent Presentations. Part I.
Support Preserving Wildlife on Earth
The most hacked router in the world ever. First DIYs.
The most hacked router in the world ever
Windows Vista + Firefox + Flickr (Twitter etc) = Deep freeze
How to recover WorldLock bike lock password
“When I make a call on iPhone the screen goes black and never/randomly goes normal again”. Solution.
iPhone 3.0 and bluetooth
Solving undefined reference to `FT_GetLatencyTimer’ problem during openocd compilation
How to autologin root
How to resize knote
“Build dependency: Please do not compile as root.” in kamikaze 8.09
How to control Pleo with Wii Nunchuck
Robotics part of this website had been moved!
Harden Blade Quick Review
A few words AGAINST energy saving light bulbs (CFL/CFT type)
Fixing Samsung SPF-83V left/right buttons
DNS problems
How to add serial interface to WRT54GL router
Moving site …
How to control Pleo wirelessly via bluetooth
Web server overload
New video: wireless Pleo (this time via bluetooth)
How to import video from Canon Vixia HF100 to your PC without PixelaMixer
How to make Delphi TFrame background transparent
How did I brick Pleo and returned it back to life.
“Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system.”
Problems downloading drivers from
Updating BIOS on ALIX 2 series (fixing “NET: Registered protocol family 16” boot freeze)
Latest/last news about
How to erase marker stain from the wall.
Consolidating All Media Files With Archos 605 and Linux Media Server
Archos 605 WiFi Review
Not All Batteries Are Equal. Some May not Work in Your Gadget (like Archos DVR Station).
This blog is semi-available in a few other languages
MineStream Defender – the ultimate network security device
A typical wireless camera. Let’s take a look inside and get amazed.
Solving “configure: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables” problem
Squid: unrecognized httpd_accel_port, httpd_accel_with_proxy on, httpd_accel_uses_host_header
1000th viewer of routerbot video (routerbot is a domestic router turned into a robot)
Collection of interesting links about auction (updated)
The most expensive domain names
How to make an “incompatible” MiniSD card work with Motorola RAZR V3/V3T is being auctioned. Will it become another multimillion domain?
Windows Explorer: how to enable labels in the thumbnail view domain auction details is to be sold on an auction
Software review
Switching to new look and feel …
How to take apart a Linksys WRT54G router domain and website are for sale
How to automate fdisk (how to partition a lot of disks quickly)
How to enable filmstrip view in Windows Explorer (Windows XP)
How to disable automount in linux (Re-reading the partition table failed with error 16)
Solving “The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that could not be verified.” problem
Why *nix md5sum and PHP md5() do not match?
MacMail failes while receiving mail using imap from courier mail
How to install coupons module for osCommerce (notes on installation and configuration)
How to configure Paypal Website Payments Pro module for osCommerce (notes on installation and configuration)
How to configure USPS module for osCommerce (notes on installation and configuration)
How to Install osCommerce (notes on installation and configuration)
How to establish your own internet store with osCommerce, USPS shipping, Paypal Pro payment and Coupons
“Cannot load adsense-deluxe.php” problem with AdSense-Deluxe Plugin for WordPress
Immigration to Australia
Simple free online IP conversion tool
How to improve NFS performance (Linux, OpenSUSE 10.3)
Reservation Rewards aka WebLoyalty – Problem Solved
Interesting Google Webmaster Tools Misfeature (Re:Sitemap)
How to configure master/slave DNS servers so they do not conflict with Plesk 8.2
How to enforce POP3s by disabling POP3 in courier-imap pop3 server
How to check if your POP3 server works normally
“553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts; no valid cert for gatewaying” problem solving for Outlook, macmail, Plesk 8.2
How to purchase an SSL ceritficate for your website (using Plesk 8.2)
Hello World!!
Immigration to Australia – Asked Questions / Иммиграция в Австралию – ЧО
Immigration to Australia – One Week Later / Иммиграция в Австралию, через неделю
Immigration to Australia – Day 6&7 / Иммиграция в Австралию, дни шестой и седьмой
Immigration to Australia – Day 5 / Иммиграция в Австралию, день пятый
Immigration to Australia – Day 4 / Иммиграция в Австралию, день четвертый
Immigration to Australia – Day 3 / Иммиграция в Австралию, день третий
Immigration to Australia – Day 2 / Иммиграция в Австралию, день второй
Immigration to Australia – Day 1 / Иммиграция в Австралию – день первый
Immigration to Australia – Flight / Иммиграция в Австралию – перелет
Immigration to Australia – Preparations / Иммиграция в Австралию – подготовка

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