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How to take apart a Linksys WRT54G router

Linksys WRT54G router and similar are very famous because of great modifications potential hidden in the device. For some purposes you may want to add a serial port to the router. You may need that for development purposes or to turn the router into a robot for instance. This post…


The most hacked router in the world ever. Power Over Ethernet (“POE”)

This article is the part of “The most hacked router in the world ever” project documentation.
This hack is very popular, you can find it published on many websites and all descriptions are the same: shortcut 4-5 and 7-8 pairs, send power using them through your ethernet cable and be safe…


The most hacked router in the world ever. Overclock CPU.

Ok, this is the easy one. Once you have your router loaded with alternative OS (like OpenWRT or Routerbot OS which is also based on OpenWRT) issue the following command:

dmesg | grep CPU

This command will show you the current CPU frequency. Good chance the current frequency is 200MHz. Now please…


The most hacked router in the world ever

Challenge: implement the most hacked router in the world ever
Limitation: the result should still resemble a domestic router, i.e. keep the form factor and most part of its enclosure.
Purpose: see below 
I decided to build the most hacked router in the world. Obviously to hack a router you need one…

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1000th viewer of routerbot video (routerbot is a domestic router turned into a robot)

I just noticed that my video about domestic router turned into robot got its 1000th viewer. This is my very first youtube video and I’m very proud of that.
If you’re thinking about what to do this weekend, building a robot for your kids could be a good idea. This is…



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