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Feb 18, 2015 How to quickly check if an internet store is a scam

So imagine you go to google shopping ( and search for an item to buy and google returns you a really awesome price for the thing you dreamed about your whole life (or just the last 5 minutes). And you are almost ready to go ahead and order the item from this company (because google found it for you and google is awesome). STOP! Let’s first check the background of this company.

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Feb 3, 2008 How to configure USPS module for osCommerce (notes on installation and configuration)

The purpose of this post is not to replace the original USPS installation manual, but to provide answers that you might have while installing it. It is based on my own experience and might be different from yours. This post is a part of set related to installing and configuring your own store. Please read the master post here.

  1. You need to signup for USPS web tools. You can do it here:
  2. In a few minutes you’ll get the email with your web tools login and password.
  3. Send email to asking to switch your account to production server. You don’t have to test or wait. Indeed you should not do that as API used on USPS test servers doesn’t match the API used on production servers (sic!!). I.e. your osCommerce standard USPS shipping plugin won’t work with test servers! Actually that plugin is hardcoded to use production servers, but even if you patch it USPS test servers will return you error while production server will work fine.
  4. After your account is switched to production you can go to admin menu of osCommerce->Modules->Shipping->United States Postal Sevice and configure it with your account data.
  5. You can also test it on a fake order. If the plugin works correctly and you will get shipping rates from USPS sever on checkout page.
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