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May 25, 2008 Consolidating All Media Files With Archos 605 and Linux Media Server

Many people are dreaming about consolidating all media files (video, music, pictures etc) in a single place. For some it is a huge full of DVDs, CDs and photos. Others buy hardware media servers and store all files in them. I chose a solution based on Archos 605 WiFi and a Linux Server running UPnP Media Server. Here’s how it works …

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May 24, 2008 Archos 605 WiFi Review

Archos 605Couple days ago I became happy owner of Archos 605. Here is a short review of this wonderful/horrible device and explanation why most people won’t like it.

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May 16, 2008 Not All Batteries Are Equal. Some May not Work in Your Gadget (like Archos DVR Station).

I’ve got new Archos DVR Station recently. The nice thing about it is a cool remote with tons of different buttons that provide full keyboard+mouse functionality for Archos 605 PMP. Unfortunately the remote appeared to be dead. I was almost ready to pack it and send back to the store when recalled a situation happened a few years ago. Some device I was 100% sure is ok didn’t work with brand new batteries. The problem was too short “+” tip on the battery. Some devices (like this Archos DVR Station) have weird profile of battery holder that prevents the “+” tip from touching the contact spring. The solution is quite simple – use some sharp tool to pop the contact spring out the plastic “niche”. Alternatively you can just buy a different type of battery with longer tip.
BTW, the batteries that have this problem were “” brand, but I saw couple other brands with the same problem.

May 10, 2008 This blog is semi-available in a few other languages

FlagsThanks to N2H Global Translator now you can conveniently translate this blog to couple other languages using free online translation services. Just click the appropriate flag in the top-right corner of the header and get the page in the “language” of your preference.

Unfortunately the quality of translation for many languages is still poor, but at least you can get an idea of what this blog is about. I checked the quality in English->Russian translation, laughed for a few minutes but decided leave it as is. I’m just thinking if the translations are always funny or they can be offensive sometime? Please let me know in comments if this happens, I would really appreciate that.

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