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Jan 27, 2010 The most hacked router in the world ever. First DIYs.

I started posting instruction on how TMHRITWE was built. The first three parts are overclocking, serial interfaces and “POE”. I especially recommend reading the “POE” part as all “POE” hacks I saw before contain one mistake potentially fatal for your router.

Jan 24, 2010 The most hacked router in the world ever

Routerbot V3 - the Most Hacked Router in the World Ever
I just published a new video and a new article about “The most hacked router in the world ever” project. The idea behind this project is obviously to hack router to the extreme. I searched the Internet, found all known hacks about routers, added a few I never seen implemented in routers and built the device. The result appeared to be very useful and quite cool.

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