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Feb 18, 2009 Robotics part of this website had been moved! - new website about roboticsLooking for routerbots and other robotics stuff? It’s not here anymore. I created a new web space 100% dedicated to robotics called It’s better, cleaner, englisher and it’s for everyone. If you have your robotics project and looking for a please to publish it please contact me and get your personal project page on Also new website is not only about DIY Projects, but also contains news, robopedia, catalog of robots and more robotics stuff. New information is being added almost every day.

Feb 14, 2009 Harden Blade Quick Review

Harden Blade II ShatteredIf you’re flying beginners’ coax helicopters like Lama v4 you probably have heard about those undestructable Airy Harden Blades. Unfortunately all information about the blades in the internet is limited to a very impressive video and a review from a guy who seemed to be somewhat interested in positive test result. I have no interest in that so here is my quick review.

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