Apple’s review fraud prevention system is as useless as Amazon’s :(

I already was writing about fraudulent reviews on Just today found the same lame approache to reviews on app store. Developer Jackadam seems investing ton of money into the promotion of a program called “Dark Sky – Weather radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and …”. I found a very positive review about it on and decided to read user reviews. Take a look yourself: There are ton of positive comments but also surprising number of one-start comments. This is very suspicious. But if you take a look at the timestamp of almost ALL 5-star reviews you will find they were all made on June 28th, while lower-rated reviews are randomly spreaded across the calendar. Isn’t that obvious that most if not all positive reviews are fake?

Why industry giants like appstore and amazon are not spending a tiniest fraction of their humongous revenue on protecting their customers is a mystery to me.

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