Fraudulent promotion techniques on Amazon are getting smarter

Take a look at this item: DOD Ls300w 2.7″ LCD Car Dashboard Camera. Looks so awesome based on reviews, doesn’t it? However most reviews for this item are fake and it’s a shame Amazon doesn’t do even basic fraud analysis to protect its customers. Here is how to check:
– note all 5-star reviews were submitted within 1 month in July-August – highly suspicious
– pick any 5-star review
– click “See all my reviews” for that review
– note that the user has multiple reviews including the one for the camera, but they all are made on the same day!

How realistic the situation when within 1 month 9 users created their accounts just to buy bunch or random stuff and leave 5-star review for this camera on the same day and then never write reviews again? :)

Buyer, beware that merchants using fraudulent techniques are getting smarter, be very skeptical about these awesome reviews. Not-so-awesome reviews are typically way more useful.

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