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Dec 13, 2012 Moving Oracle BAM reports between environments

Recently I was in need to move Oracle BAM configuration from one environment to another. Here are a few helpful commands:

On the source machine

> locate icommand # where icommand lives depends on your installation. Make sure find-utils are installed and updatedb had been ran.

This will export your report
> <path_to_icommand>/icommand -CMD EXPORT -NAME “<path_to_report>” -TYPE report -file /tmp/<filename>.xml -USERNAME weblogic

This will export your data objects (both layout and contents). Again, some hint from icommand:
Data Object: “/Samples/Call Center”

> <path_to_icommand>/icommand -CMD EXPORT -NAME "<path_to_data_object>" -file /tmp/<filename>.xml -USERNAME weblogic

Similarly you can export alerts.

On the target machine

> <path_to_icommand>/icommand -CMD IMPORT -file /tmp/<filename>.xml

That’s it folks!

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