Gmail Super-Glitch

Gmail glitch
Gmail glitch
I encountered an interesting gmail glitch yesterday. I have two email accounts: one personal and one for work. A few weeks ago I was using Thunderbird for both, but after a few cases when I was sending emails from the corporate account and they actually got sent from personal one, I abandoned it and blamed Thunderbird for that. My new interface for corporate email is Safary running gmail web interface. Why Safary? Because I’m not using it for personal purposes at all.

So yesterday I sent an email from that GMail web interface corporate account using “clean” browser and it again got sent from my personal mail account!! How is that possible?!

Here is another part of the mystery. I keep Thunderbird downloading my corporate email for archival purposes and it correctly downloaded that email as outgoing from corporate account! Even better, the From field in that email contained my corporate account, not personal. I think that proves it’s GMail crazy and not me :)

My best guess is that GMail uses some superadvanced magic for detecting multiple mail accounts belonging to the same user and something is wrong with it. Like when I was sending email from web browser and Thunderbird was downloading emails from my personal account at the same time something glitched in the spell and it sent my email from worng account. That’s definitely poor design and I wouldn’t expect such thing from Google, but … who knows.

No solution to this problem so far, I would appreciate any suggestions.

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