Not All Batteries Are Equal. Some May not Work in Your Gadget (like Archos DVR Station).

I’ve got new Archos DVR Station recently. The nice thing about it is a cool remote with tons of different buttons that provide full keyboard+mouse functionality for Archos 605 PMP. Unfortunately the remote appeared to be dead. I was almost ready to pack it and send back to the store when recalled a situation happened a few years ago. Some device I was 100% sure is ok didn’t work with brand new batteries. The problem was too short “+” tip on the battery. Some devices (like this Archos DVR Station) have weird profile of battery holder that prevents the “+” tip from touching the contact spring. The solution is quite simple – use some sharp tool to pop the contact spring out the plastic “niche”. Alternatively you can just buy a different type of battery with longer tip.
BTW, the batteries that have this problem were “” brand, but I saw couple other brands with the same problem.

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