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Feb 4, 2008 MacMail failes while receiving mail using imap from courier mail

As usually there might be a lot of reasons for that. In my case the reason became clear when I checked /var/log/messages:
imapd-ssl: /etc/courier-imap/shared/index: No such file or directory problem. The quick and dirty solution appeared to be really quick.

Just touch /etc/courier-imap/shared/index and the problem will be gone. I didn’t do root cause analysis for this particular case. The macmail was not set up to retrieve shared folders, possibly it does that just by default. But the problem is really gone with this fix. The configuration without /etc/courier-imap/shared/index seems to be default for systems managed with Plesk 8.2

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  1. Tiara Says:

    Informasi yang sangat best. Terima kasih!

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