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I don’t know exactly what causes the problem, but I’m unable to download anything from HP (Hewlett-Packard) website. I tried downloading using multiple FTP clients from different platforms and it appeared that Safari under MacOS can download the files, while Firefox under both Windows and MacOS can’t. Right now I tried to get the same file from two XP computers using FireFox and one was able to download the file, while the other one wasn’t. It’s not about firewall settings and not about passive/active mode. If someone knows the reason and how to fix the problem I’d appreciate a comment on this post.

If anyone else is experiencing the same problems use the following solution: copy the URL of the link you’re trying to download the file from (in FireFox right-click on the link and choose “Copy Link location”), paste the link into the browser’s address line, replace “ftp://” with “http://” and hit enter. This will download the file using HTTP protocol.

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  1. HP sux !!….driver’s are almost impossible to get. An IT friend of mine told them HP is well aware of this as its THE most common complaint. Gee…I woder why. COuld it be disposable notebooks and printers?

  2. I am a pc tech. I always dread the moment that a customer brings in a compaq/hp laptop or desktop because it is almost impossible to get the drivers for any of their machines. I keep getting error 425.

    On the contrary I have no such problems with Dell, not even the oldest ones. I am getting to a point where I actively discourage people from buying hp/compaq machines.

    I wonder hp/compaq is not doing anything about this problem

  3. glad I finally found your post— just about driven myself crazy looking for my own solutions in the way of different settings in all the software and reading different internet suggestions — all to no avail! Didn’t have any reason to think that it had anything to do with the particular laptop that I was trying to do the downloading on from HP. Who would have thought that this could be the problem!!!???!!! What a revolting revelation!!! Thanks for verifying the conclusion I was drawing. It is quite disgusting that HP could be so careFREE about this.

  4. Well, I finally figured it out! …….at least for me!

    I only experience this ftp download problem when I am using my HP laptop to download from HP! What a deal! Anyway, the solution for me is rather simple if you just take it one step at a time.

    1- Go to the page that has the “Download” or “Download Now” button.
    2- Right-click on that button.
    3- Select the option that sounds like “Copy target”.
    4- Put your cursor in the slot where you would normally type your desired web address.
    5- Right-click and select “Paste”. DO NOT SELECT ENTER.
    6- Look at the first of the address string you just pasted in. You will see “ftp” written twice.
    7- Change ONLY the FIRST “ftp” to read “http”. Be careful not to change anything else including spacing.
    8- Select ENTER. Your download should start and your problems should be over.

    This works for me. I can download any and every ftp file HP has doing this. Hope it works for you!
    ———-Jo Anne

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