How to enable filmstrip view in Windows Explorer (Windows XP)

Windows explorer in XP has very nice feature of displaying folder contents as a filmstrip. It is very handy to browse lots of images. Unfortunately the logic of turning it on and off this feature doesn’t perfectly match the reality. Here’s explanation how you can enable filmstrip view for your folder

  1. In Windows Explorer go to the folder you want to enable Filmstrip view for
  2. In the main menu choose View->Customize This Folder
  3. In the new window select What kind of folder do you want->Pictures(best for many files)
  4. Click Ok to close the window
  5. Now you can select new menu item View->Filmstrip and enjoy this mode

BTW, menu item View->Choose Details also might be useful for you if you want to see the image dimensions, camera type and other parameters on the photo in detailed view.

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