Windows Vista + Firefox + Flickr (Twitter etc) = Deep freeze

So imagine you have this super-duper cool quad-core 4Gb RAM dual nvidia raid 5 computer running Vista. You’re browsing the internet enjoying/hating the ultra-sweety-psycho-aero interface and when you go to flickr/twitter/some_other_your_favorite website the entire system freezes instantly. You can’t move mouse cursor or type on keyboard and your computer gets completely stunned. That happened to me once. Actually, not once … every time I go to flickr vista dies. If you are in the same trouble and no common sense solutions (update drivers, install fixes, remove new hardware, test RAM and other stuff) are working try this:

In Firefox go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Encryption(tab) and uncheck “Use SSL 3.0”. Leave “Use TLS 1.0” checked. Now save everything, pray a little and go to the troublesome website. I hope this simple operation will cure it. The problem seems to be faulty SSL implementation that glitches somewhere in the Firefox-Vista-Cool_PC junction. Most modern websites support TLS 1.0 as well as SSL 3.0 so removing one of Firefox’s features won’t affect much your experience of using your favorite browser with your unfavorite OS.

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