The most hacked router in the world ever

Routerbot V3 - the Most Hacked Router in the World Ever
I just published a new video and a new article about “The most hacked router in the world ever” project. The idea behind this project is obviously to hack router to the extreme. I searched the Internet, found all known hacks about routers, added a few I never seen implemented in routers and built the device. The result appeared to be very useful and quite cool.

The project has a very important for me second purpose – to become an attractor for IT professionals, so I can promote my resume among people involved in IT business. In fact the video is a hack itself. A quick research shown that there are plenty of video resumes available on youtube, but even the most popular of them have less views then, say, my routerbot v1 video. Employers are just not interested in searching for employees on youtube. It looks like making just a video resume is not a good idea if you’re looking for job asap like I do. The solution that I came to is to combine your resume with something that will bring people’s attention to it. I’ll keep you informed how this idea works, possibly it will help you to find job too. This video is the first in series. The device I built just has so many features that the video about it got too long and I decided to release it part by part. So if you’re interested about the project keep watching. BTW, this is my fifth video at all and the very first one where I say something into the camera, so please don’t judge me too quickly. It’s really difficult to say something in camera. Try it if you don’t believe.

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