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Jul 19, 2009 How to recover WorldLock bike lock password

Cable Lock Recently I’ve got a worldlock cable lock for my bike. Skimming thru the guide pictures included with the lock I tried to understand how do I open it for the first time and didn’t find anything saying “default password” in big bold red font. Quick google search also gave nothing. Yeah, this is how this works with some customers like me – they better go search in web instead of carefully reading the manual. Anyway, looking at the pictures I started thinking about what could be a way to open the lock without knowing the password. A few moments later I came up with an idea …

I thought that most probably the central shaft’s bumps that suppose to keep the lock locked are not perfectly aligned with the deepenings on the wheels. So I started pulling the lock apart and rotating the wheels at the same time. I started with the rightmost wheel but it was turning smoothly with no sign of imperfection, so I tried the leftmost one. On third turn it clicked and stopped turning – bingo! The first letter of 4-letter combination was found. Then I kept pulling and tried the second wheel (click), then third (no luck), then fourth (click) then third again. In less then 1 minute, no special knowledge at all and a little common sense I found the secret word SHED (btw, listed in the instructions in the second step of setting your own password) to my excitement and total disappointment. What worth a lock that a person with no special lock-picking skills can unlock in less then a minute? I believe this method is very well known to anyone professionally interested in unlocking the locks and easily can be found in the Internet. Moreover, it can be easily mastered so the entire procedure will be taking just a few seconds!
So, I’m returning the lock to the store with promise to myself never buy those cable locks with “Use Words, Not numbers” and “Use numbers, not words” dials on them when security is really needed. The problem now is that I don’t know what to replace it with. Keys are very inconvenient and you can loose them. The cable lock keys are also so primitive that I think it is very easy to hack them too. The dial-type locks take too long to unlock and to get used to. I just don’t know. Possibly some custom-built RF ID lock? I’ll think about that …

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One Response to “How to recover WorldLock bike lock password”

  1. cheryl Says:

    how about if you forgot your password, and your son didn’t write it down anywhere so he could remember it in the future.

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