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Apr 13, 2008 Andrey Mikhalchuk’s Web Projects

Web interfaces for MineStream Software products

MineStream Software ProductsMineStream Software develops unique software and hardware products that monitor and protect business and home networks. I designed and implemented web interfaces for various products including this one for MineStream Defender. Click the thumbnail to see more screenshots.

Design for this website

My BlogThe design for this blog is completely custom and written from scratch. My goal was to shift accent slightely from being just a blog to something that looks more like a fully-featured website + blog.

pizza.comFrom couple of designs I made for the domain owner chose this one (including logo). I also created skins for couple of components developed by someone else to fit the overall site look and feel. is a small website that allows you to quickly pick up a public quote, read about famous people + has a few research tools. This is my hobby project.

Yuri Kim personal websiteYuri Kim is a very talented Russian bard and photographer. I made this website a long time ago trying to keep it as simple as possible + reflecting Yuri’s many talents.

In addition to the projects listed above I made over 20 of other websites that will be posted here later.
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