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Jun 8, 2012 Clicktale injects Amazon ads on websites?!

Clicktale displays Amazon Product Ads on your site

Clicktale displays Amazon Product Ads on your site

Have you seen something like this ad block on a website recently? Even though the site might not be a part of an advertising program and you don’t have any advertising plugin in your browser, that things pups up in a totally inappropriate place and screws the design of the website.

I did a quick research about why it appears and found it a good illustration of how technologies get twisted in a weird way. Here is what I’ve found about it …

I actually found this on a site I was working on, so I was quite sure there was no advertising code embedded into it. I also checked the list of plugins/addons and verified that I don’t have anything suspicious. Anyway, looking at the source code almost never hurts, so I started looking at it and found one suspicious place: clicktale javascript. Yes, this code is unrelated to advertising, but who knows, maybe this company went rogue or someone hacked it so its scripts started injecting ads on their client’s sites?

So I went ahead and removed the clicktale code and you know what? That fixed the problem!