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Feb 10, 2011 How to submit your youtube videos to blinkx

Blinkx is a powerful audio and video search engine. It’s main competitive advantage is a speech recognition engine. What that means is if someone says “hot dog” in your video blinkx will hear this and show your video when someone will be searching for hot dogs on blinkx website. Cool, right?
YouTube is … well, you know what youtube is.
How to merry these two awesome technologies? Unfortunately not that simple. The only way you can submit your video to blinkx is using “media rss” feed. I’ve heard some time ago youtube was providing media rss feeds for all channels, but for some reason stopped doing that. So here is how you can do it despite this inconvenience …

Fortunately Youtube still provides regular RSS channel for your videos, but Blinkx refuses it because it is not media rss. I’ve wrote a converter that reads youtube feed and return mediarss feed. What you need to do is simple go to blinkx submission form at, and enter this URL as your RSS feed: Replace YOUR_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_NAME with the youtube channel name you want to submit to blinkx. Automagically all videos in your youtube channel will get submitted to blinkx.

This is a free service, please do not abuse it.

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