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Aug 31, 2008 Latest/last news about

Domain Name Wire revealed all details about domain sale. Here is the source: “National A-1 Buys”. So the real domain owner was Chris Clark and the domain buyer is National A-1 Advertising. Hopefully this answers all questions.

So far the changes on website are hardly visible. From what I’ve noticed they removed my name, link to my website and the topmost banner. That’s it. No content updates, no new functionality. Hopefully there is some work in the background and A-1 is cooking something special for pizza lovers. Otherwise that would be really sad story – I had so many plans about new functionality for the website…

BTW, one more funny link: He’s All Over the News, and he e-mailed me. :) Anyway, I’m very grateful to “itstimetoeatpizza” for his offer, I believe he would be a great moderator, unfortunately I’m no longer related to the website.

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