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Mar 31, 2008 How to make an “incompatible” MiniSD card work with Motorola RAZR V3/V3T

Motorola RAZR V3tA year+ ago I’ve got my Motorola RAZR V3T (free with 2-year subscription from T-Mobile). Almost immediately I ordered 1Gb card that would fit more information and music. Of course I chose the cheapest one. At the moment the best offer was 1Gb Kingston card. Unfortunately when I inserted the card into the cellphone it did not get recognized by the phone. It appeared that only “compatible” MiniSD cards could be used with the cellphone, but that “compatibility” cost twice more. So here is how to make your “incompatible” card work with that cellphone.

I still don’t quite understand the roots of the problem as I didn’t have much time to dig it. However the solution I found is quite simple:

  1. Reformat the new “incompatible” card as FAT. If you use windows just right-click on that card latter in explorer and select Format. Make sure you chose FAT.
  2. Copy entire content of the original 128Mb card that comes with the cellphone to the new card
  3. Insert the new card into the phone – now it should get recognized by the cellphone

Also if you google or yahoo a bit you will find tons of features hidden in the cellphone and the software that will help you to reveal those features. Just be careful – using that software may turn your cellphone into a pretty expensive slick brick.

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3 Responses to “How to make an “incompatible” MiniSD card work with Motorola RAZR V3/V3T”

  1. Ryan Says:

    well…what if you didnt have a card from them to begin with?

  2. farhan Says:

    I purchased 8GB SD card online. But it was not compatiable with my motorola V3T :(. Looks like it is unable to take this much memory mini sd card.

  3. Andrey Mikhalchuk Says:

    The card you bought is not SD, it is SDHC (microSDHC to be more accurate). Afaik V3t doesn’t support SDHC, so you are limited to 2Gb tops (the maximum capacity for SD cards). Here is a wiki page about SDHC.

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