Here is a list of software I recommend for everyday use.

Name Description Price
ATNotes Tiny program that allows you creating notes and sticking them to your desktop. You can customize the notes in many ways, assign alarms and do other things you expect from post-it e-replacement. The project is discontinued and I understand the authors – there is nothing else to add to this program. Free
Firefox Some people consider Firefox’s 15% of the browsers market as a victory. For me it is a source of confusion – how is that possible that there are still 70% of the internet population use Internet Explorer – completely outdated, buggy, insecure, retarded program. The only use of IE utility is downloading Firefox from Firefox Website. Those who don’t like Firefox from the first site should consider installing a few of hundreds plugins available for it. Free
Firefox plugins Coming soon Free
TrueCrypt Even if you don’t beleive in conspiracy they are watching you :) For one reason or another it is a good idea to know how to make your confidential data readable only to you. True Crypt from my prospective is the best tool for doing this. Here is how it works: you can create virtual drives in files or disk partitions. Then you mount those virtual drives using TrueCrypt (of course you need to provide the password). After that new drive letters appear in your Windows Explorer and you can work with the just like you work with normal disk partitions. When you’re done make one more click and you data becomes unreadable again. Did I say “Windows Explorer”? Oh, right, the program is available not only for Linux but for windows as well and has pretty friendly interface. The program has more interesting features (like making data invisible or sharing the encrypted volume among your computers running Linux or Windows), but I think I told enough to make it interesting for you. Free
PeerGuardian2 If you use network intesively, especially P2P protocols then you need it. Some P2P clients have similar system embedded, but second layer of defence is will make you feel more protected. Especially assuming it is very lightweight and doesn’t consume much system resources. Free
Sysinternals Process Explorer A must have for windows developers and highly recommended for advanced Windows Users. This replacement of regular windows process explorer will tell you about your system processes way more that you were guessing before. Free
Sequoia View The best program for solving low disk space problem. This utility scans your disk presents all files in the system in a visual form that allows you at a glace find those gigabytes of file you already forgot about. Those files were laying down there on your HDD and waiting for Sequoia to come and find them. Free
KeePass Ok, what’s your mail password? Let me guess … “12345”? “Password”? No, really people frequently use such simple passwords because that sinly unable to remember anything more complicated. Even worse, a lot of people use the same password for almost all accounts, starting from and ending with something like I understand those people, I really do as a few years ago I was doing the same. So if your memory is not good enough to remember someting like “@k34*!kJDs” for each site you ever visited let computer do that for you. There are tons of programs that allow you to remember your passwords and automatically insert them when needed. I personally recommend KeePass. The three reasons for that are a) the program as paranoid as I am b) it works both on large computers (Linux, Windows, MacOS) and small (Palm, Blackberry, PocketPC) so you can see and update your passwords everywhere c) if you don’t trust it you can always take a look at the source code and check if it sends all your passwords to So now I use 200+ different passwords on 300+ different sites and all of them are strong. BTW, you still need to train your mem – “12345” is pretty bad password to keep all KeePass passwords behind it. Free
Miranda Coming soon Free
Gom player Coming soon Free
Yahoo widgets Coming soon Free
Cygwin Coming soon Free

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