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Jan 25, 2008 Andrey S. Mikhalchuk Resume

Andrey S. Mikhalchuk
A: Washington DC Metro Area
P: +1 (240) ZZZZ

• Sr. Full-Stack Engineer, 20+ years in IT
• Extensive experience with Hadoop, MongoDB/NoSQL databases.
• Multiple years of experience designing and implementing complex heterogeneous systems, cloud solutions
• Summa Cum Laude Master’s degree in Computer science

Primary Expertise: Enterprise architecture, web technologies, databases, cloud computing, middleware
Programming: Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Java, C/C++, PHP, BPMN/BPEL
Methodology/Processes: Agile/Scrum, RUP, PSP/TSP
Database design and development: MongoDB, MySQL, Sqlite, Oracle, Postgres
Other: Coaching and leadership, System/network engineering (both Linux and Windows), Testing (Tsung, CppUnit, Junit, Unit, Hudson/Jenkins), SVN, GIT, hardware engineering


Present time
Washington, DC
Chief Architect – Akira Technologies
Key Technologies: MongoDB, Hadoop, AWS (EC2, ELB, EBS, VPC and more), Oracle (Weblogic, BPM, OPA, SOA, BAM, OSB, OER/OSR), Java, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, BPMN/BPEL, tsung, R, Jive, Ideascale
As a Chief Architect/Chief Technologist, supported various clients such as FDA, Census Bureau and Veterans Affairs (VA):
• Designed and implemented a cloud-based high-performance scalable multisurvey system
o Deployed to AWS (EC2, ELB, EBS etc)
o Backend running Hadoop
o Runtime data collection with MongoDB
o Node.js + Express + EJB as a web/app server
o Stress-tested to server up to 40,000 simultaneous users at 250 users/sec rate
o Integrated with R, Highcharts, other libraries and technologies
o Presented to BOC key stakeholders for 2020, CAD and other divisions
• Implemented internal survey system based on MongoDB and Node.js with Nginx proxy
• Developed Multimode Operation Control System (MOCS) PoC
o Top-level orchestration done in BPM with business logic extracted into OPA
o Uses number of services, File and Database adapters in different modes to import/export data from different types of files and the database
o Uses Oracle Policy Automation in Determination Server and Batch processing modes to evaluate business logic
o The PoC accomplished all goals set by the BOC and demonstrated high performance in business logic processing (5mln records in 11 minutes)
• Designed and developed integrated Oracle-based PoC allowing business analysts to generate web applications directly from requirements documentation without developer’s intervention using Oracle OPA, BPM and BAM. The systems leverages existing Oracle technologies, I’ve developed necessary Java plugins to make them work togather.
• Developed Jive administrator tool for bulk invitations and statistics visualization heavily based on Jive REST API v2 and v3. The full implementation took about 2 months and is entirely written in Ruby on Rails.
• Developed BPM PoC
o The first live BPM process in Census
o PoC included all major SOA/BPM technologies from Oracle: OPA (determinations server and determinations engine), BPM, SOA, OSB, OER, BAM, human task
o The PoC was presented to the Census OPCOMM and received positive responses
o The PoC is a case management system defined in BPMN
• Supported other initiatives
o SOA/BPM presentations and trainings
o Configuring OSB to proxy RESTful services
o Technical support in establishing development environment standards and physical architecture standards
• Implemented an E2E error handling system and development environment VM for one of the ACA support systems utilizing JBoss Drools, Hibernate and more.
• Developed multiple projects for Akira Technologies internal use, including survey system, corporate website in several versions, ownCloud, remote accounting server and more
• Coordinated and participated in responding to technical sections of government RFIs, totaling over $150mil

Washington, DC, USA Senior Software Engineer – Razoo Global Corp.
Key Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redmine, Hudson/Jenkins,, Kount, jQuery, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Linux, PCI-DSS, HTML, CSS, Sphinx SE
• Designed and developed key parts of the Razoo Platform, including
o Infrastructure systems (caching/memcached, CI/Hudson, browsermob, redis)
o Payment processing (processed $17mil in 24hrs – industry record)
o Facebook integration via opengraph + Facebook app
o Secure proxy design meeting PCI-DSS requirements
o Embeddable Image Widgets (potentially patentable) representing the current Fundraiser progress in realtime
o GUI elements: donor mosaic, badges, reports etc
• Coaching and onboarding new dev team members
• Architected and developed advanced statistics dashboard, other statistical tools

North Potomac, MD, USA CTO and Systems Architect – MineStream Software Company
Key Technologies: Java, C/C++, Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, PHP, osCommerce, Linux
• Architected, managed development and developed major part of a unique SOA multiplatform network content monitoring device including, but not limited to:
o Recording instant messages, emails, VoIP conversations, web access and more
o Analyzing content, highlighting threats, providing advanced traffic and content stats
o Blocking inappropriate content
o Storing data in the cloud
• Communicated with key stakeholders, established the initial sets of requirements, maintained them thru the development cycles
• Managed contractors (including overseas), co-authored patent applications
• Designed and implemented company website (including the online store)
• Co-authored patent applications

Gaithersburg, USA
Moscow, Russia
Senior Software Developer – Packet411 / StreamView Software
Key Technologies: Java, C/C++, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, Java, CORBA (Orbacus), Eclipse, SuSE Linux, Solaris
• Architectured, designed and developed the following components of the system:
o CORBA-based IPC framework for Java and C++ components running on different platforms
o System test harness, benchmarking tools
o Reporting system based on s Crystal Reports
• Architected and developed a standalone network monitoring and visualization tool
• As a member of a 5-developer team participated in development of a distributed heterogeneous network management system
• Established simple software development processes in the company
• Was involved in design, development and quality assurance of all system components

Moscow, Russia Senior Software Developer and architect –, Inc
Key Technologies: C/C++, Oracle, PHP/LAMP, MySQL, VoIP, Perl, Windows Server
• Architected, documented and established processes for managing network environments
• Architected and developed several Windows applications, including standalone softphone (H.232 VoIP phone), ActiveX version of the same softphone, plugin to popular Instant Messenger that provided VoIP features and LAN software and contacts update tool
• Architected and developed a fraud prevention system for online billing system that reduced the amount of fraud by at least 10 times
• Designed and developed content-retrieval and parsing system

Moscow, Russia Senior Software Engineer – CQG, Inc
Key Technologies: Siebel, Microsoft Visual Studio, C++, C# .NET, Delphi, Linux, Solaris, Stock trading
• Designed and implemented custom high-speed IPC framework for a distributed trading system
• Coordinated UML training and everyday UML usage in company
• Got PSP/TSP certification, good knowledge of trading systems, autotrading, markets specifics
• Supported data collection plants for Euronext, Liffe and Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Moscow, Russia SOA Architect and CTO –
Key Technologies: SOA, P2P, distributed networking, Java/J2EE
• Chief architect and project manager of iMulet service-oriented P2P architecture and application for distributed computing and instant messaging for this US-venture capital funded company
• Innovated by architecting one of the first SOA-based systems which was built around the concept of message bus with messages containing data for various services. Each service was handled by a module loadable on-demand from the cloud.
• The iMulet system is based on the results of an earlier research program in distributed computing
• Architected a complex (>1000 classes) Java-based multimedia communication platform with features similar to modern Skype
• Managed team of 15 developers and systems designers

Moscow, Russia Other positions
Key Technologies: Java, Solaris, Linux, Networking, Cisco Routers, C++, Shell scripting
• Worked in various small to medium scale companies in Russia including iMulet/iXcelerator, Sun Microsystems, Lanit, Advanced Design Team and REDLAB
• Worked on projects primarily related to SOA architectures, distributed systems, Java/C++, complex network solutions
• Performed various tasks as a project manager, systems engineer and system administrator.

Education • M.S. Summa Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
US Patents
Co-author of the following US Patent Applications:
• 20030144958: Computer network based secure peer-to-peer file distribution system
• 20020174193: Split client-server software development architecture
• 20090174551: Internet Activity Evaluation system

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